Bebel Support

How To Register an Account

In order to get support, you will have to do a two step registration.

1. Register for the Support Center

It is as simple as it can be. Go to the registration page, fill out the form. Once you have submitted the form, an automatic mail will be sent to your email address. Once you have activated your account you can sign in.

2. Register for the Theme Support Forums

Although you now have access to the members only area and can browse FAQs and Videos, you can not yet access the help forums for the theme you bought. To get access, you need one thing from themeforest. Your purchase verification code. (pu..what!?)

Go to the Support Forums page and choose the Item you have purchased. Click on the “Join Group” button:

Join the support group for your purchased item

Join the support group for your purchased item

Once you click on the button, a modal window (popup) will open, asking you for your Purchase ID / License Certificate. This is the purchase verification code you have found earlier. Paste it in the field and proceed.

Once you have been successfully added to group, you can start asking questions and reading the entries of previous customers. Make sure you check the forum for similar problems before starting a new thread.