Bebel Support

What is covered by the Support?

Thank you for taking your time to read this document.

We will give you a quick overview of what is covered by the support and what is not and when you are eligable for support.

What is required to get support?

You have to buy one of our themes / templates in order to get support. You need a valid purchase verification to get access to the support forums of a specific theme. Read on here.

What is covered by support?

  • Questions on how to use the template / theme
  • Questions on the installation process
  • Problems with the theme
  • Bugs
  • Configuration Problems
  • Any Usage related problems

What is not covered by support?

  • No Support is given for third party plugins.
    If you run into problems with third party plugins, such as buddy press, please ask their support.
  • Customizations
    We can not do any customizations of the theme for free. For customizations, we have a partnership with tweakey. They are very competent and reliable.
  • Problems that occur by not reading any of the documentational resources available.